Mind Games over Pain?


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Dec 05

Align 360

Mind Games over Pain?

Posted by Align 360

Have you ever experienced physical pain? If you have you know it has two basic components: 1) Pain that when it is over leads to pleasure 2) Pain that simply leads to more pain. How do we learn to know the difference? The ancient practice of Yoga is one discipline that comes to mind. Yogi’s have been asking questions about the links between the body and the mind and have exploring this integral connection for more than 5,000 years. Since I began practicing yoga 20+ years ago, I have trained my mind to recognize variances of sensation. There is sensation that is revealed through the practice of Yoga postures that is so strong that my mind would certainly categorize it as painful. But then something magical seems to happen - the sensation that was once painful becomes pleasurable. I actually find myself looking forward to recreating the depth of that sensation again and again. My mind begins to recognize the difference between pain that only leads to more pain versus pain that enhances the relief of pain. The same is true when receiving deep tissue massage or specific forms of bodywork. If you’re not sure about how to train your brain to know the difference between “Pain that is good for you” and ‘Pain that in injurious” let us show you how. Book an advanced Therapeutic Massage or enroll in the Fundamentals of Yoga course today!


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