Sharisse Sifuentes, LMT

Sharisse Sifuentes LMT

Meet Sharisse LMT

Sharisse is passionate about wellness.  Growing up with health issues of her own, she understands how health can impact daily life.  This experience led Sharisse to seek holistic care practitioners that listened to her and offered her the extra support she needs to thrive.  Along the way, Sharisse deepened her respect for the wisdom of the body and the importance of integrative healthcare.

After traveling and living abroad, Sharisse returned home to the Seattle area to begin her studies in holistic healthcare and to support others on their own path towards wellness.  To engage in whole health, she pursued wellness coaching, personal training, and graduated from Cortiva Institute's 1000 hour COMTA accredited Massage Therapy program 2011.  Sharisse is currently pursuing medical school to earn her docturate in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, a holistic medical degree that manages complex neuromuscular and structural imbalances.

Sharisse loves to facilitate relaxation and stress-reduction through therapeutic massage and wellness techniques.  She offers you a welcome retreat from the stressors of daily life.

Sharisse is devoted to supporting pre and postnatal mothers, and has an in depth understanding through the pregnancy and birth of her son.  Outside of ALIGN360, life is spent as a new mom and exploring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.