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Where massage meets movement

We combine advanced therapeutic massage and movement therapy with unique, functional health assessments to provide you with the most personalized therapy solutions in the industry. We align your health with the demands and desires of your life. We partner with you to align your body, mind, and spirit.

When your life is out of alignment, you experience body aches, pains, illness and fatigue. Pain and discomfort clouds your view. You reach for the pill.

Rather, we work with you to shift your view. We help release injury or illness and restore function to your body. Then you can fulfill the demands of your day and your destiny with ease. When you’re functioning, you’re aligned, you are aligning with yourself, your family, your workplace and your community. You are aligned to your purpose and you are aligned to the space you hold in the world.

Call today to speak with a functional health professional about how to solve your pain, dissolve your aches, reduce your nagging stiffness and discomfort. All of these things diminish your life, keep your brain fuzzy, and limit your fullest potential in life - at any age.

Call today at (425) 526-7500 to speak with an Align360 functional health professional or send us a message.

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Our goal is to restore your strength, flexibility, mobility, and function enabling you to get back to activities that you love as quickly as possible.

For new clients

What to expect on your first visit

First of all, expect to pay half of what you would normally pay for a session on your first visit. We understand that you need to see what we’re about and we need to hear about you.

Then, we’ll sit down with you for about 15 minutes and really listen to what your unique problems and challenges are that are preventing you from being the best you can be. We support your specific goals and needs so that you can achieve thriving health.

We’ll perform functional assessments which may consist of a postural evaluation, range-of-motion testing and palpation to get to the root of the problem for you.

Basically, we want to see how you stand, move, and how you feel in the areas that are bothering you. You will be fully clothed while we conduct these assessments.

From there, you’ll get a better sense of what your body is doing to cause pain, strain, or tension and we’ll propose a clear solution through a customized treatment plan. We’ll recommend frequency and utilize specific treatment modalities to get you to that level of vibrant living that you desire.

The solution is within reach - whether you’re seeking pain relief, restoring fluidity in movement, or increasing your physical well-being.

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