Traditional Massage vs Bodywork - What's the difference?


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Jan 11

Align 360

Traditional Massage vs Bodywork - What's the difference?

Posted by Align 360

Why would a person choose to get bodywork?

I kept asking myself this question, so I decided to pose this question to my clients: “What compels you to see me for bodywork?” Their answers give me the energy to do this work every day.

Product vs service
It’s clear when you buy a product, what you’re paying for. It can be less clear what you’re buying when you pay for a service. Are you buying a feeling? An experience?

The give and the get

The question is: What do you get when you pay for a service for your body? For every transaction, there’s a give and a get. And you want to know what you’re getting before you decide to buy.
In the case of wellness, yoga or massages… many people are buying health, flexibility, strength, mobility or relaxation.  
These are all good, valid reasons to pay for a massage or a yoga class – and you should do it. But be clear about what type of service you’re buying so you know if it’s a fit for you.

If you crave a LTC (long-term change), you need bodywork

So… what should you do if you want more? Much like relationships, dating is fun for a while and you’re glad you did it. But now you’re looking at what you want for your life. The date or one night stand isn’t enough. You want a long-term relationship. This is the same as making a choice to get bodywork. You have to decide IF and WHEN you’re ready for it. It’s not for everyone.
If you’re ready to release a physical injury, trauma or deep emotional pain… you’re likely looking for something more dynamic than a traditional massage… you’re looking for bodywork. If you’re someone who craves transformative, long-term change and you want to connect or reconnect with your body, your thoughts, your breath…then you’re likely seeking bodywork.
Bodywork is dynamic and it will facilitate lasting change. Your experience, and your results, depend on how you contribute to, interact with and receive the bodywork. Because it’s dynamic, you can experience bodywork through massage and/or through yoga.
My clients report to me that bodywork has helped them achieve lasting change that has a ripple effect in their lives. Results include a longer lifespan for one client. For another client… it’s sanity, not just for herself, but also for others in her life. One client has used bodywork to help recover from the emotional fear stored in her body from domestic violence.

Need more information? Or ready for a LTC?

If you want to learn more about how bodywork will transform your life, you have a few options.
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