Yoga for Every Body


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May 13

Align 360

Yoga for Every Body

Posted by Align 360

Yoga for Every Body

We're more than stretchy pants and bendy bodies! - though led to believe we're not 'flexible enough' or 'strong enough' or 'willing to wear tight pants' enought to try yoga.  But the truth is yoga is for every body, and has nothing to do with how fit you think you are.

With regular asana (movement) practice, one notices their body becoming stronger and more flexible.  But perhaps a more important part of yoga is connecting to our bodies while accepting and loving them as they are.  One does not need stretchy pants or the ability to touch toes to find a closer relationship to their own personal wellness.  Simply becoming familiar with one's physicial body serves us well for a lifetime.

Connection to Physical, Mental and Emotional Self

The word yoga is most commonly translated as 'union'.  A wellness practice, the forming of connection between our physical, mental and emotional self.  Most yoga practitioners come to the mat to get fit.  Once there regularly, benefits from practice include peace of mind, broader community, stress relief and acquisition of better tools to navigate wear and tear of daily life.

Your Personal Wellness Plan

At Align360, we believe yoga is for everyone, and see first-hand how valuable yoga is as a part of a personal wellness plan.  Our intimate class settings allow each student the quidance and personalized instruction necessary for even further advancement.  As you learn about your body through yoga, we do too!  Your interests and concerns are taken to heart and considered during each class you attend. 

Our wide range of classes suit students' wide ranges of abilities, needs and schedules.  Yoga for those who like to move in order to quiet their mind, yoga for those in need of a quiet, safe space which includes guidance, support and breathwork while they heal and restore, yoga for those who are just starting out with a yoga practice, and those returning after life changes or injury. 

Our Align360 staff comprise the experience, knowledge and love of teaching to help you find what your body and mind needs.  We'll help you and walk with you every step of the way to safe discovery of what yoga will do for you. Enroll Today!


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