Bodywork is Dynamic


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Jun 16

Align 360

Bodywork is Dynamic

Posted by Align 360

Bodywork is dynamic.

It's about staying present to what's in the room today, whether that's on a massage table or in the yoga studio. Thas's why it's so powerful.

Eight Things bodywork is:

  • Undivided time and attention for yourself
  • An opportunity to be vulnerable in a safe enviroment (let's face it, you're lying on a table naked)
  • A chance to be seen and heard, a safe person is witnessing you and what you need
  • Time to be touched in a non-sexual way: bodywork releases a myraid of sensations that may have been dormant in your body for years
  • Dedicated time to get out of the busy-ness in your mind and get into your body, your breath and your thoughts
  • The chance to trust somebody-let them help you
  • Get out of pain...physical and/or emotional; memories and experiences stored in the body hold you back until you release them
  • A pathway to feel a  process you participate in    

The one thing bodywork is not:

People ask me to fix them.  I'm not here to fix anybody.  This is not my job.

I'm here to facilitate change for the better.  People often do not udnerstand that this work is reciprocal.  When someone tells me that I helped them, I tell the person that I only did half the work.  The process of transformation is not something I do to a person; the person is meeting me and helping me.

Because the mind-body connection is complex, this change may happen in one hour or it may take 100 hours. This is why I have to stay present.

Bodywork, whether through massage or therapeutic yoga, helps with all aspects of your life.  Many clients tell me, " I'm a better person to myself and to others because of my committment to my yoga practice and to my self care."

We are here to serve our Issaquah community

How do you want to experience yourself? Through Advanced Therapeutic Massage,Yoga Therapy or both?  At ALIGN360, we are seasoned experts, located right here in Issaquah, WA.  we have experience with prenatal care, we work with cancer patients, we work with Type A's who are training for a marathon or to climb a mountain, and we help people who haven't exercised in years ease back into and connect into their own bodies at their pace.

You've heard what bodywork is and what it isn't.  By now, you know you want to try it.  Contact Us

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