Hannah Kaspar, Esthetitian

Hannah Kaspar Esthetitian

Hannah has always possessed enthusiasm for people and a passion for skin care.  Combining these attributes into her work, her goal is to help other's feel balanced and beautiful inside and out.  Hannah believes that taking time out of  your day to take care of yourself isn't selfish, it's essential to maintaining a  happy and healthy life.  Feeling beautiful isn't just about how you appear, it;s about how you feel.  All of Hannah's sessions are curated with this principal in mind.  Hannah will always listen to you to understand not only what is visible on your skin, but also what is happening underneath it.

As a holistic based esthetician, Hannah believes in skincare rooted in nature,energy and healing.   Hannah is here to offer this unique approach to skin care, undertanding all factors that contribute to the skin's health.  Taking into account how the state of mind plays into how your skin behaves, her treatment room is a place of peace, and you will leave renewed and relaxed.

A graduate of the Euro Institute of Skin Care, Hannah discovered her interest in preventative and restorative care.  Hannah knows the power that comes with taking control of your skin-health, she wants to share that knowledge with you.  Through customized facials and personalized home care she will work with you to help your skin achieve optimal balance, radiance, and retore itself inside and out!