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It's rare to find a personal trainer who is as talented as Maria Kamara!
Peggy S  |  Bellevue,Wa

I am a reluctant exerciser who has trained with Maria for nearly 5 years.  What impressed me the most is Maria's adept listening skills.  I have moderate scoliosis and had a fear about doing anything that would "hurt" my back.  I wouldn't do a single exercise without in-depth inquiry as to the benefit, she would explain and ensure I felt comfortable. She was so patient with me even though my fears were largely driven from my lack of understanding the body.

Aside from her physiological expertise, Maria brings energy to my workouts.  She has the most pleasant smile and infectious laugh.  I am lucky that she has elected to keep me as a client - I now tell her I donate my body for these workouts as laoong as she makes me laugh while I am doing reps.